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I try very hard to provide the best experience possible for my customers so,

I am honored to have reviews like these!

“Megan Barnes is a phenomenal artist.

While she has a variety of pieces and abilities,

I am so in love with how her art can truly represents Louisiana culture with such creativity. Moving away from Louisiana was hard but with her art I get to have a little bit of my home roots, wherever I live, displayed in my home. She also did a custom piece for me to give as a gift for Christmas and it was an absolute hit. Megan Barnes Art is definitely my go to for original home decor. I haven't seen anything else that remotely compares.”


"My custom home portrait came out even better than expected. She captured so many details, my Texas Laurel in bloom, the historic marker on my house, the leaded glass transom, and even the tiny longhorn on my husbands shirt. Truly an heirloom piece that I will pass down to my son"


We received our painting the other day and were overjoyed! The blue of the crow fits perfectly with our décor just like we knew (even me, the colorblind one!) it would. We have it hanging already and love it!


So very glad we ran into you that day in the French Market and glad we could make you laugh and smile just by being our crazy selves. 😊


“I love Megan Barnes art and everyone I have gifted with it is in awe.  I love that she captures New Orleans personality and style in such an unusual and complicated medium and that she will personalize it for you.  Her ability to capture details in commissioned pieces is amazing.”


"Megan Barnes is a fantastic artist!!! Over Christmas 2016 I was gifted three of her pet portrait ornaments. I have two dogs and a pig. She captured every detail of them! A month later, when a friend's beloved fur baby passed away, I knew Megan's art would be the perfect way to honor their pet. Not only is Megan talented but also is very personable and encapsulates true New Orleans with her easy going attitude. Wishing her the best of luck on everything that she does!!!"


“I was stumped over what to get my teenage grandson.  A friend recommended Megan Barnes Art and her unique, reverse glass painted pieces.  After discussing my grandson and his interest with Megan, she suggested his school’s mascot, a bulldog.  The finished product was exquisite!!!  His face was priceless when he realized it was painted on the back of the glass.  He now has it displayed in his room.”  


Just wanted to say how beautiful the picture Megan painted for me.  My cousins dog just passed away and I asked if she could paint her. I sent her a picture with a picture of her collar and she did a beautiful job combining them. Needless to say my cousin loved it. To top it all off, she was very fast with painting and mailing it to me:) thanks so much!


“Megan Barnes created an ornament design for our school fundraiser.  She promptly delivered our order; and her design was beautifully done.  We love her work and hope to work with her again.”

-Katreena, Manchester Show Choir Parent

Amazing art work!  It told my entire story in one shot.  My whole family and my friends are very impressed with her attention to detail.  Super satisfied!  I would recommend 100%  


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